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Battleground Europe Operations

As the GD reforms and expands, we intend to create an environment that provides for both a fun and relaxed game play experience while also giving users a feel of historical and military authenticity when conducting in-game operations. To achieve this, our ongoing vision for GD includes:

  • Focus on coordination and cooperation first and foremost
  • Work hard / play hard attitude
  • A high level emphasis on highly organized mass armor assaults, serving as a spearhead and fire brigade where Axis High Command )HC) needs us most
  • Foster close cooperation with sister squads within the Axis organizational structure in order to maximize our in-game impact and place an effective schwerepunkt where needed
  • Create lasting friendships both within and outside the game for our members

Tactics and Operations

When operating as a cohesive unit in-game during squad nights, the following can be expected as part of the normal flow of operations:

  1. GD officers and staff will work with HC representatives and liaise with other German squads to determine objectives and timing details for the operation
  2. GD members will pick roles and deploy in game, consistent with operational needs and plans, and rally at designated locations
  3. Leaders will then coordinate team operations to ensure that objectives are met, and any challenges are met with effective flexibility

While the GD is primarily an mechanized formation focusing on large-scale armored operations, leaders will ensure a balance of arms as best as possible so that the unit has the proper tools it needs to accomplish objectives. When possible, the following is recommended to be a part of any organized GD force in the field when operating in fluid combat:

  • A ground recon section using fast-moving PSWs for scouting positions and monitoring movement
  • One or more platoons (4-8+) of tanks, with a majority being medium or heavy models
  • Supporting infantry in one or more SPWs (Sd.kfz. 251)
  • Air section of 1-2 fighters and 1-2 Stukas, He 111s or Bf 110s for recon and close-support of ground forces

For certain engagements, namely those involving more defensive or stationary, siege-style, engagements, a GD field force may also include:

  • Medium and heavy FlaK weapons towed by heavy prime movers
  • Extra mortar support for close bombardment
  • Parachute infantry (Fallschirmjäger) missions

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